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Video Editing

Ballroom Dance Video

This video is about the different types of Ballroom Dance that we learned at Jim Powell Dance Studio. Once the video was taken of us dancing, I edited the video and added the audio back into it. The speaker is Jim Powell, the dance instructor and owner.


This video was taken in Hawaii in 2002. (The Big Island and Oahu.) The stills were only added as part of the required project. 6 hours of vacation footage were compressed into this 4 1/2 minute video. It captured the feeling of the entire 2 weeks spent in Hawaii. I edited the video and synced it to the words of the music.

The music is called: "Pele". And is song by Loyal Garner. The song is about the legend of the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire - Pele.


Crude Flash 5 Animation    

Funny Flash

Very Old Funny Flash(2002)  

I made this as a fun project. I was just learning the program and beginning my art career. The animation is choppy at the beginning and the answers to the questions are no longer valid. (Plants and pets don't live forever.) The Home button on this piece is not connected.

I thought this was a good example to show how far I have come since Flash 5.