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Illustrator Art
Snowy Street
Philippines Beach
Photoshop Art
Self Portrait
Study in People

These pieces are all personal projects. My Illustrator self portrait I first drew in watercolor pencil (drawings page) and then converted to Illustrator. I also created a watercolor version (watercolor page).

The diamonds I drew for the NWTC jewelry students for a poster.

The Tulum ruins were photographed while on vacation and then I sketched in Illustrator.

The Bacteria Alphabet was a class project in design. The finished pieces were printed to clear overlays and then adhered to 3" x 6" plexiglass slides to simulate microscope cultures.

I like to read art publications and there was an exhibit on macabre art. It gave me the inspiration to try my own.

The Baby Shower invitation I created for when my family and friends threw me a baby shower for our daughter. The picture was taken the day we met her (06/07/06).