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This site was created back in 2007. The last time it was added to or modified was 2008. I changed career paths a number of years ago and completely stopped working in the graphic design field in 2012. This site contains work from when I spent most of my time working for an Ice Cream company. The top 3 links were a small collection of work that I had completed at that time.

The remainder of the website links are personal projects that I completed years ago when I had time to play and experiment with art. They are not meant to showcase my work for critical review. Some are very good and others quite frankly I wonder what I was trying to accomplish. I have left them on this site to remind myself that even when art isn't awesome and beautiful, it is always cathartic and definitely fun.

The year 2019 marks my 10 year anniversary of working in Food Safety. That's right folks, I gave up art to go back to my first love, science. While art is fun, food safety is something that is near and dear to all of us. You can look me up on LinkedIn to see what I have been up to.

Have a wonderful day!



Russian Adoption Blog
This link goes to a blog that my ex-husband put together while we were in Russia in 2006 to get our daughter. (I have found that he does not always keep the website posted and so it randomly disappears.)